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Generon: The Best in Nitrogen Generators
Medical Oxygen Generators manufactured to ISO 13485
Generon introduces MNPU at Marine Expo
IGS Announces New Generation of Integrated Nitrogen Generators
General Announcement
IGS Awarded Contract for (2) Nitrogen Generation Units
IGS Announces Opening of New Office in Moscow, Russia
IGS Becomes Caterpillar OEM
IGS Develops New High Flow Air Separation Modules
IGS Awarded Contract for Nitrogen generation System
IGS Awarded Contract for Nitrogen Production Unit
IGS Announces use of Dehydration Membranes
IGS Awarded a contract for Nitrogen Generator Packages on board Drill Ships
IGS Awarded a Contract for Coil Tubing Support Nitrogen Generator Package in Brazil
IGS Awarded Contract for New Nitrogen Generator Package in China
IGS at the PulPaper 2004 from 1 to 3 June 2004 in Helsinki/Finland
IGS Delivers Protective Gas Plant to Manufacturer
IGS Connects at OSEA200
IGS Highlights TireLife® at Automechanika 2002 in September
IGS Formed Through Management buyout of Generon, Italfilo, Mahler & SMC

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